Haveristen sukuseuran kokousväkeä Paloniemessä 13.8.2011(kuvaaja@nupii)

Pyällyspuu is a paper published by Haverinen family association

Haverinen family association publishes a paper called Pyällyspuu. The name refers to a pine tree that has been carved with an ax down to its phloem for slash-and-burn. Once the trees were burnt, there was always some great pine left standing, which became a meeting place, place to make agreements, landmark, and even a secret place for engagements. Carvings on the tree sent messages for others. (Haverinen book page 186, Eva Perón-Haverinen)

The paper is published once a year and it is sent for all members who have paid the membership fee. It has gained its cover and its typical contents during the long-term, first editor-in-chief, Eva Perón-Haverinen. The second, long-term, merited editor was Heli Haverinen. Once Heli needed to focus on her career, the board elected her successor Anu Piironen, who has been the editor since the spring of 2012. The paper is still continuing the traditions created by Perón-Haverinen.

The association is developing innovative activities throughout the web-pages. By the end of 2016 the board is hoping to create a possibility to renew the paper by a new layout program and colored prints. The paper is quite rare: even if there a numerous family associations, papers published on a regular basis are almost non-existing.

Send a story or a memory to the editorial board to be published in our paper. You can also send suggestions for stories. Contact information


Our family book was published under the name of Haverinen book I. In fact, it is an introduction for a planned series of books, in which writing and publication shall be continuous. The book is presenting Haverinen family’s early phases in Finland, family lines with ancestors and the history of our name. Chapters include information about individuals in the family, passed time and cultures, not to forget about memories, stories, and even poems. The aim has been to include general history and important background information so that the reader can more easily comprehend the life of our family. The book has been written in an epic format so that the contents can be easily used and read. Book part I.

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