Coat of arms

Coat of arms has been an insignia of the family since 1993. It was designed by Architect Liisa Harju (maiden name Haverinen). Information about the symbolism and significance of different parts can be found, for example, from Haverinen book I.


Pennant was first raised to the flagpole in the 10-year anniversary in Kuhmo and there it manifested for the existence of Haverinen family. In the everyday life and during celebrations it has fluttered on the flagpoles of Haverinen family, replaced by the Finnish flag only on national holidays.

Ladies’ family costume

The basis for design of the ladies’ family costume was to get Haverinen women a uniform, which expresses the unity and the strength of the family, together with the men’s traditional insignias. The materials of the ladies’ family costume can be selected freely. Its character and making intend to display both the European origin of the family and Finnish family traditions. The colors of the dress repeat the colors in the coat of arms. The family costume was designed by Eva Perón-Haverinen. More specific information of the family costume can be found from the Haverinen book I.

Other insignias

Following the coat of arms was a standard, address, pennant, pins, and shirts. All of them were designed by Liisa Harju. Products

The standard is given by the board’s decision to long-term or merited members. The members can also give the standard to other members for example as a birthday present. The standards are numbered and registered. The addresses were printed for the members both for congratulations and condolences. The pin decorates the members’ front on many occasions in addition to the family meetings. Also the shirts are used frequently.