Past and present

The board is prepared to collect information about the members of the family starting from the ancestors until the present days. This will be accomplished by writing the second Haverinen family book. The book will be pepped up with information about the family and events. All photographs about the family history are also very important. Join us to write Haverinen book part II.


Haverinen book I

Genealogy based on Aarno Haverinen’s research on family origin against historical background has been abbreviated in the book published in 2000. Haverinen book I has been edited by Aarno Haverinen and Eva Peron-Haverinen. Link to Haverinen book I.

Selected highlights of the book:

Old form of the name ”Haffuer” can be found from Swedish documents from the middle age, as well as German forms ”Haffer” and ”Hauer”.

Haverinen family has lived in the current areas in Finland since 1400’s, perhaps even since 1200’s, if connection between Haveris in Western Finland could be proven.

Haverinen family traditionally constituted of farmers. Householders of the family have been mentioned in the tax books of the Eastern Finland, subdivision of Sääminki, in 1541 among hundreds of other householders. The migration and destinies of their offspring have been followed up first by tax officials, and then by church since the late 1600’s.

Since the middle of 1500’s, members of the family started to migrate along with the general movement from Sääminki to Oulunjärvi wilderness, where they first settled and then returned from their hideaway places after the Russia war (1570-1595), and the so called Long Wrath.

First Haverinen moved from Oulunjärvi Melalahti farm to Kuhmo area around 1630, continuing to work as a settler: slash-and-burn agriculture and fishing. Therefore, Niels Haffuer is the ancestor of Haverinen family branch originating from Kuhmo..

After Stolbova’s peace in 1617, Käkisalmi county was joined to Sweden. It comprised of the Karelia of Laatokka and the current North-Karelian province. The rural area of Kerimäki was separated from Sääminki: the first Haverinen family members moved to Käkisalmi county area in 1660’s, starting the Haverinen branch in Kitee, whose offspring moved to surrounding areas.The ancestor of Haverinen branch in Kesälahti, Jacob, first appeared in the revision books after the big Nordic war (1700-1721), after the so called Greater Wrath. His parents likely have lived in the area already before 1700’s.

From Kuhmo area Haverinen family spread to Pielisjärvi rural area, Nurmes, and Sotkamo.

Family grounds were therefore settled to the eastern parts of the realm of Sweden, where they lived in the following centuries.

There are about 3000 Haverinen these days. Members of the family are concentrated to the Eastern and Norther Finland as well as Helsinki metropolitan area.

In the future, a number of volunteers and family spirit are needed to complete the genealogy.